About Us

In 190 a small group of people got together to begin the Portneuf Greenway.  They included, Donna Looze, Jim Jenkins, Joe Olson, Melba Covert, Chris Bohl, J’neane Smith, Kathy Gordon.  This committee was born out of the desire to revitalize Downtown Pocatello. There were many merchants from downtown that served on different committees.  There goals were very simple: To utilize a greenway to connect city facilities (parks, etc) Return the Portneuf to its natural state and make it flood proof. And to Make the city accessible to pedestrians and bikes.

At this time the Greenbelt in Boise had been open and actively used for the past 20 years.  In fact an article in the Idaho Statesman dated April 15, 1990 talked about the greenbelt being too busy and residents needing to follow the rules of use so everyone could enjoy the scenic trail along the Boise. River.

In April of 1990 an application for technical assistance had been sent into the National Park Service to help plan the future greenway. The committee had sent a letter to the Army Corps of Engineers to give permission for the trails along the levee.  At the time the Corps was not required to give permission, but out of courtesy the Greenway Committee notified them of their intent.  Letters of support had been obtained from Governor Cecil Andrus, Senator Steve Symms and Senator Jim McClure.
In May of 1990 the three active Rotary Clubs in Pocatello had contacted the committee to offer their support and asked for a project they could help with.

As I was reading through the letters and minutes of the first Greenway Committee, I was thrilled to see so many names that are still supporters of the greenway.  They served on the committee or were in the Rotary Clubs that supported this project.