Raymond Park

Project Description: 

This 0.25 mile section of trail would extend the Greenway along the Portneuf River channel through Raymond Park. Removal of the concrete flood control channel has been the subject of an engineering study (Channel Removal Alternative Analysis.pdf) which determined a cost to remove the channel approaching 3 million dollars. Removal of the concrete channel will require significant coordination with the Army Corps of Engineers, the City and the public and it is not likely in the near term. A trail along the channel would provide an interim pathway at an estimated cost of about $45,000. The trail could be routed along the east side of the channel. A complete link could be constructed on the east side of the channel on existing public property. This route would provide a complete off street connection between Trail Creek Rd (Carson St) and Highland Blvd. This connection would serve several tennis courts and Irving Middle School. Construction of this project is planned in three to five years. 

RCD1 Raymond Park.pdf