Red Hill

Project Description: 

The Red Hill Trail begins at ISU and connects to the Melton-Mountainview Trail. It will also connect to a future section of the Eastside Corridor along Barton Road. The Red Hill Trail was completed in 2008. The north end of the trail starts across from the ISU Student Union Building and rises along the base of Red Hill where it overlooks Davis Field and ISU Maintenance Facilities. From there it continues south between the edge of the Mountain View Cemetary and the bottom of Red Hill. As the south end of the trail is approached at Barton Road, the Red Hill Trail connects with the Melton Mountain View Trail. The Trail ends at Barton Road near the Bannock County Humane Society. There is a trailhead parking area at the south end near the Humane Society and Parking can be found on the ISU campus when classes are not in session.

Length (mi): 0.96

PDF iconISUWB1 Redhill.pdf