Melton Mountainview

Project Description: 

The Melton Mountainview Trail extends from the north end of the Maag Shadyside Trail at the intersection of 4th Street and Barton Road to the Red Hill Trail near the Bannock County Humane Society Building on Barton Road. The trail crosses 4th and 5th Streets where pedestrian activated warning signals have been installed. Acter crossing Fourth and Fifth Streets, the trail continues east just inside the grounds of the Mountainview Cemetery where a number of shade trees have been planted. The trail turns to the northeast and continues until it reaches the Red Hill Trail which connects to the Red Hill Trailhead to the south and to the campus of Idaho State University to the north. Both 4th and 5th Streets are major arterials and a future grade separation should be considered.

Length (mi): 0.33

PDF iconISUWC1 Melton Mountainview.pdf